How to choose a right Domain Name for your Brand?

An online business starts with a domain name. Domain Name is the first thing a customer sees. This entity of business is so important that everything else can be ignored but not the importance and value of your domain name.

There will be some who still are unaware what a domain name is. Let me tell you in short. A domain name is a web address of your website. In the URL “” is the domain name.

It is very important for brands and businesses to have brandable meaningful domains which can be easy to remember and promote. You can see to get some really good brandable domains for your brand. So here I am sharing 12 Valuable points which you should keep in mind while choosing a domain name for your business or brand.

Choose a Unique Name: This is not new thing but yes the most important part while choosing a domain name for your brand. The brand should be unique that everyone can name and recognize when you speak of that domain. This unique name is what is going to give you a presence and recognition.

Blast your Mind: Think twice, four times, eight times and even hundred times before registering a domain name. Make a list of names and choose best out of that. Make strategy before registering that how you are going to promote that. Brainstorm earlier so that you should not regret later on.


How to Chose a Right Domain Name for Your Business

Easy to Remember: The domain name should be like that that can be remembered easily. Hard fancy names do not work so long as people do not remember it in a long run.

Easy to Pronounce: It should be easy to pronounce so that everyone could understand it in one go and there is no other version of that domain in pronunciation.

Easy to Write: It should be easily understandable while writing on sheet of paper so that everybody could understand it at once when they see it.

Keep it Short and Brandable: The domain length should be short and brandable. By brandable I mean a name that people would love to talk about like a slogan or slang.


How to Chose a Right Domain Name for Your Business


Avoid Hyphens and Numbers: Try to avoid hyphens and numbers in domain names as these are hard to remember and tell people. You can use some popular numerals like 365 for days in a year, 7 for days in a week and so on. But I still would say, avoid this.

Grab your dot Com at the earliest: .Com is ever popular domain name and will be. All people know that a dot is a website however they may forget other TLD. If you give a person just name of your website without TLD then they will surely gonna hit not .in or .net or .biz.

Never look upon the trademarks: Please do not think to register the trademark domain names. These can harm you and you can be sued by court for doing so and then you may have to return the domain name to the trademark holder without any second thought. You can check the trademarks here whether it is owned or not.


How to Chose a Right Domain Name for Your Business


Keep your target area in mind: If your location is specific then you can take the geo name with your domain name as well. Like if you are a property owner in Toronto then you can choose a domain like “ or”.

Note: Don’t check these domains these are already booked. LOL.

Check the availability of all the Social Signals: One important thing!!  Check the availability of the social signals if they are available or not for the domain name you are going to buy otherwise you will be loose so much of website traffic to social media accounts from search engines. You can check whether social signals for a particular domain are available or not from Knowem.


How to Chose a Right Domain Name for Your Business


Get it NOW!

Do not waste your time much in thinking. Go get your domain name from these trusted sites like, Godaddy, Bigrock and other registrars and give a new dimension to your business and build it a bigger brand.


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    This is the great post its helps beginners how enter the blogging world. great stuff.


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    Hi Abhishek,
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    Hey, Abhishek!

    Choosing a brandable domain name is very important nowadays. It takes little bit more time but it worth. Also, there are some tools like namemesh, domainsbot, etc. which can help you to find amazing name ideas.

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    Much thanks for sharing such an informative content for newbie bloggers. Choosing right domain name is the foremost task of any website building.


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