4 Ways to Make You Feel Like a Hacker

Have you ever wished that you were a professional hacker, typing away, hacking into some mainframe and gaining access to sensitive information? Well, if you missed your calling, keep reading. Today we will be discussing 4 ways for you to look and feel like a hacker. Some of these ways are actually useful as well.

Hacker Typing

The first thing you can do to feel like a hacker is to head over to hackertyper.com. Then, start typing as fast you can. It doesn’t matter what. It will look as if you have been coding since you were two months old. When you get tired of typing, hit the Alt key twice to get a massive green pop-up message on your screen saying “ACCESS GRANTED”. Proudly announce that you are “in”.

This way of feeling like a hacker is pure theatrics and it doesn’t do anything. You can record yourself using this page for marketing purposes or to trick someone into thinking that you are some sort of hacker. Let’s move on to more practical stuff.

Street Hacker

If you are serious about experiencing the life of a hacker, take a look at street hacker. This hacking simulator is designed to bring a sense of realism to the table. It requires you to become thoroughly engaged and to apply your mind to be successful. The simulator is multi-dimensional and is filled to the brim with unique in-game features to provide you with a complete hacking simulation experience.

When you open the simulator, you are immediately bombarded with options. It is designed with conventional desktop features and interfaces that you will recognize immediately. It also has day and night cycles that sets it apart from other hacking simulators that you may know. Every aspect of the simulator is extensively developed to ensure complete functionality. The general tone is natural and the graphics and animations contribute to establishing a very unique feel.

This simulator is not free, but as you become emerged into the world of hacking, you will see exactly why.

Supercharge your Fire TV or Android TV Box

One of the ways to make you feel like a hacker is to supercharge your Amazon Fire TV. This actually makes it possible for you to gain access to unlimited high-quality content, including movies, tv shows, documentaries, and sport. As you may know, your Amazon Fire TV comes with a broad, but limited range of channels. This include, amongst others, Netflix, Hulu, BBC News, Watch ESPN, and Amazon Prime videos. Although you get access to HBO Now, you have to pay for it.

So, although you get a lot in terms of on-demand content, it is limited. There is, however, a solution available to you, and this is where you have to get hacky. By installing a Kodi build, you get access to tons of Kodi addons. It is important that you choose the Kodi build that is right for your needs. Below is a list of the top Kodi builds of 2019:

No Limits Magic

This build is incredibly popular as it features a lot of add-ons as well as a modern and simple user interface.


A solid and versatile build that has been around for years. It has a wide variety of add-ons that will cover all your streaming needs.

Fire TV Guru

This is probably the best Kodi build for Amazon Fire TV and Firestick. It features add-ons that are already installed and has an interface that is comparable to Amazon’s Fire TV Devices.


NetworKing, NASA’s browser-based simulation lets you develop an IT network with worldwide command stations. The simulation consists of different operations, including disaster management and component upgrades. This network is connected to low-orbiting satellites and your goal is to complete a Near Earth Network. When you achieve this goal, you start working on a Deep Space Network to set up interplanetary communication. As you progress, the simulation will be based on actual NASA missions and projects.

Although this is not a hacker simulation, it does provide you with the experience of managing networks and different levels of communication. Since it is developed by NASA, it is rather extensive and realistic.

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