Free High PR Do Follow Social Bookmarking Sites List 2017

Building a high quality High PR Social Bookmarking Site list 2017 is a tough job. Isn’t it? Are you tired of finding the sites list? Now your search is over because I have already stacked high PR Social bookmarking websites list 2017 for you here.

Get a complete list of do follow bookmarking websites from here. Before that let me tell you the working and importance of social bookmarking websites. You can also create high quality backlinks from these awesome compiled list of bookmark sites 2017.

What is Social Bookmarking?

As we all know that bookmarking the technique or option provided by different browsers in our personal computers, smart phones and tablets to save a particular link that can be used in further for future learning or reference. In the same way the social bookmarks work but these are online bookmarks which you can save in a particular social bookmarking website for future reference. The main and the beautiful feature of social bookmarking sites is that other members of the website can see your saved links and can reach the particular web page from your saved bookmarks. There is huge traffic on Social bookmarking sites and thus chances are great that you will get direct referral traffic from these websites.

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Moreover these provides you direct do follow backlinks to the websites you submit in the social bookmarking sites. Quality backlinks are the major factor for ranking a keyword in the search engines. There are few things you need to take care while submitting URLs into social bookmarking websites:

  1. Complete the whole profile on a particular social bookmarking website. Right from username up to all social details, you need to complete each and every column. This will give more credibility and reach to your social bookmarking profile.
  2. Do not over spam the social bookmarking sites list by putting as many as URLs from the same site. Also save bookmarks from other websites as well.
  3. Like and Upvote other bookmarks to get same in return.
  4. Always write unique description everytime you submit a bookmark in different website.
  5. Choose a proper category and submit your website in most appropriate category.
  6. Give multiple proper tags.
  7. Do not forget to verify the captcha given in the website while sublitting the bokmark.
  8. Beware of the spam ads. Some cheap social bookmarking sites keep hidden links and popups which can led you to irrelvant pages and spam pages.
  9. Make sure to keep the submitted links with you.
  10. If you need faster indexing then keep all these links and here are the methods to index a website faster .

Here is a simple video that will help you to learn How to Bookmark a website in Social Bookmarking sites.

Now I have researched Social Bookmarking websites for you and here is the complete list of Free High PR Do Follow Social Bookmarking sites List. You can also get huge traffic from Pinterest with this case study.


Sr. No. Website PR
1 8
2 8
3 8
4 8
5 8
6 8
7 7
8 7
9 7
10 7
11 7
12 7
13 7
14 6
15 6
16 6
17 6
18 6
19 6
20 6
21 5
22 5
23 5
24 5
25 5
26 5
27 5
28 5
29 5
30 4
31 4
32 4
33 4
34 4
35 4
36 4
37 4
38 4
39 4
40 4
41 4
42 4
43 4
44 4
45 4
46 4
47 4
48 4
49 4
50 4
51 4
52 4
53 4
54 4
55 4
56 4
57 3
58 3
59 3
60 3
61 3
62 3
63 3
64 3
65 3
66 2
67 2
68 2
69 2
70 2
71 1
72 1

Hope this Free High PR Do Follow Social Bookmarking Sites List 2017 will help you create a lot of quality backlinks for your website. Do share your responses in the comment box below.

Note: Well you must keep a point in mind while submitting your website to Bookmarking Sites 2017 that is to keep variations in the anchor texts for the keywords you are creating bookmarks. If you find any difficulty to access these sites then do contact me through the contact page. I ll help you with the latest List.

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Free High PR Do Follow Social Bookmarking Sites List 2017
Link Building is very much necessary to rank your keywords. Here I have presented a list of High PR High Quality Social Bookmarking sites for 2017 where you can build quality Links for your websites.
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    sir, I have some questions regarding social bookmarking backlinks.
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    • January 18, 2016 at 7:58 am

      Thanks Pooja for Asking Questions
      It depends on you. If you have multiple Ips to work you can make upto 100 Links or more as well.
      If you can visit your accounts once a week. then it will be good.
      There are other details you need to put in to get a backlink.
      Good Luck!

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    Nice blog. Very useful information.

    It will be very helpful If you can create a list of the high PR RSS feed URL aggregators.

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      Thanks Ananth 🙂
      I ll shortly work on the suggested RSS Feed URL Aggregators


  • February 1, 2016 at 6:58 pm

    Great list. 🙂 Even we compiled a list of social bookmarking sites recently on our blog (HBB). When I started Blogging, during 2009, we had popular services like Digg, StumbleUpon and Delicious, the kind of traffic we get from them is so huge, that we get notifications from our web hosting about traffic spike.

    But they are not really in a good state right now, hope they get back to their previous forms one day. Hopefully.

    • February 1, 2016 at 7:40 pm

      You are right Pradeep. Now these services are really in bad condition but still a good source to generate legitimate backlink…

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    Hello Abhishek,

    Thanks for sharing this awesome and useful list of social bookmarking sites. All social bookmarking sites of this list are live and works fine. But all sites aren’t dofollow.
    Hope, we will get an updated version of this list soon with all dofollow social bookmarking sites.

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    Great list, would love to have my social bookmarking website on your list, you might want to check it and maybe it could be on your list.

    Thanks in advanced 🙂

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    This is really huge list, but i like stumbleupon and reddit only. They will drive good number of traffic on your site, between thanks for the list.

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    Thanks For Sharing Bookmarking Site i Have One Question for all
    ppt submission pdf submission increase website ranking?

    • August 10, 2016 at 6:00 pm

      Yes they do and are very important to increase authority of your website 🙂

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