Minions Described 8 Amazing and Funny Moments of a Blogger

Well Its been a long time I haven’t posted anything on my blog but today I was bored from my daily routine and decided to do something creative. I recall my good and bad moments in Blogging life and decided to make Minion Memes to describe different expressions and Moods of a Blogger and SEO guy at different situations of Life.

Minions are my favorite cartoon characters which always make me happy. If you like these or any of the image resembles your mood and expression at some point of time. Do share it on your social channels. Thanks in advance for sharing the love 🙂

1.Adsense Approval is always the most important moment of Blogger’s life. He gets some kind surety of earning money online.



2. When someone say SEO is easy. It feels like beating your head against the wall and the expressions on my face becomes like of these Mnions in the SEO Meme.when-he-says-seo-is-easy-meme


3. Time when you know who your competitor is and you outrank him on the very Event Day…!!!



4. Dangerous Situations when someone gradually becomes your friend and ask you about the tactics you use to rank your keywords, then suddenly you see him outranking your keywords. Hahahhaa I am your Competitor…..!!!




5. Its always a great feeling when you get some natural backlinks. Your expressions become like this meme when you receive a Roundup request to share your views on some other blog or website. If I am right then, this post is worth sharing.




6. The time when team work starts paying you with your keywords coming up in the SERPs.




7. Sometimes you do not believe your own hard work. The time when your main keyword started ranking on Number 1 position in Google…




8. After any event, there is a king like feeling of satisfaction and completeness. Pockets filled with money is expressed through your body language.




Funny Blogging Memes, Images and SEO Quotes a Blogger Must Share
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Funny Blogging Memes, Images and SEO Quotes a Blogger Must Share
Any Blogger and Event Marketer will not resist himself not to share these Blogging SEO Images and Memes with their Friends. Share and Make them Laugh.
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