Google Rolling Out Penguin 4.0 :: It Goes Real Time with Google’s Core Search Algorithm

Google algorithm changes so frequently that most of the changes are not noticed by us, every year Google tries to do something different in their search algorithm over 500-600 times. The most of these changes are minor, but Google also sometime they give some of the major algorithm update such as the Google panda update, Google humming bird update, Google Pigeon Update and Google penguin update.  These updates have a different significance in their own way.  For those who wish to increases their web traffic and ultimately improve search engine optimisation, which would give the biggest impact on the Google about your blog or you page.

There have been a total of 7 Penguin Update and recent of which was released on September 23, 2016 and this recent Penguin Update is a Real Time Update which means that Google will consider you backlinks every time he crawls your website.

Look at the Early Penguin Releases and their impacts:

Penguin 1.0 on April 24, 2012  that impacts ~3.1% of search queries
Penguin 1.1 on May 26, 2012 that impacts less than 0.1%search queries
Penguin 1.2 on October 5, 2012 that impacts ~0.3% search queries
Penguin 2.0 on May 22, 2013 that impacts 2.3% search queries
Penguin 2.1 on Oct. 4, 2013 that impacts around 1% of search queries
Penguin 3.0 on October 17, 2014 that impacts around 1% of search queries
Penguin 4.0 & real-time on September 23, 2016 and Impact is still to know…………

Let us talk about Penguin 4.0 or Google Real Time Penguin Update in detail…

Google has launched the first penguin update on April 24, 2012 that affected approximately 3% of the search queries. It was launched for the betterment of the catch sites deemed to be spamming its search result, in particular those doing so by buying links or obtained them through links networks designed primarily to boost Google ranking.

Recently on September 23, 2016 Google declares the Penguin 4.0 Update after approximately 2 yearsPenguin 3.0  was released on October 17, 2014 that impacted around 1% of search queries.

The biggest news for this update is that Penguin goes real time that means Google will be changing and filtering the link records on continuous basis.

No More Penguin Releases and  Updates from Now

Earlier Google used to penalize websites and filter search results after the release of Penguin Update or Panda Update. Now these updates become part of the Google’s regular task list. Google will filter and consider result after every visit to the websites. Google will not filter search results after specific time period but will do on regular basis.

This will somehow give more profound user experience and spam free results. It may be a weeping story for event bloggers who make huge spam and try to rank over night.


What websites did after Google Penguin Update Rolled out?


When the penguin update is released, sites that have taken some steps in the way that, it would remove bad links with the help of Google disavow link tool. And it is also used to remove some of the spam may regain ranking. Some of the new sites not previously caught might get trapped by the Google penguin update.

Google penguin update was published after a week of speculation about an over gaining penalty. Google finally came out with the Google penguin update when the updates in the web spam become sever. After the launch of the Google penguin update the update of the web spam become less in numbers.


They also adjusted number of spam factors, including the keyword stuffing, and gave an impact on the number of English queries to 3.1% after it was launched at first. An update is said to be fully live, when the Google rollout the update then the data from the Google’s various data centres should be having a great impact on the Google search result then the update is fully live. Thus the penguin update has been fully live and functional on April 2014.

When the Google report some spamming offenses through the Google webmaster central which tells the Google in which you have been logged in, thus this help the web users to tell whether the update is an hit or not . Thus penguin has really reached it top when it was rolled by the Google. The penguin update of the Google has made a large number of trafficking when it was launched. Thus the penguin has got lot of sites owner’s attention.

Since the penguin update has been targeting only the spam, it will remove any type of the spam that is present in your sites. In some cases the site owners has been warned by the Google webmaster central, that there is spam in your site and it is going to be cleaned by the penguin update of the Google.

Similarly if you have not register or verified the account in the Google, then the message will be waiting for you in the inbox.

In short the next update in the Google penguin will be released, and the team has been working since the last update failed said by the Google and the new update will launched soon. Stay tuned to Rusty Blogger and comment box is open for discussions and deep insight about Penguin 4.0 or Google Real Time Penguin Update.

Google Penguin Update
Article Name
Google Penguin Update
Google Penguin Update is an update related to backlink process. Under Google Penguin Update all the sites will be thrown out who has a bad link profile and has low quality spammy links.
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3 thoughts on “Google Rolling Out Penguin 4.0 :: It Goes Real Time with Google’s Core Search Algorithm

  • September 22, 2016 at 10:10 am

    Seems that google did an update to their algorithms on sep 2nd. Some say it is penguin and others say it is quality update. Can you write a post on your observations on this update.

  • September 29, 2016 at 4:18 am

    Interesting! I remember Google Panda killed me back in the day so it’s definitely cool to know what to watch out for.

  • December 29, 2016 at 10:18 pm

    Yes i confirm and it’s a good new because it’s much easier and faster to see the results after the penalty is removed !!


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