5 Effective Link Building Tactics for 2019

Link building strategies are generally considered to be the most daunting aspect of SEO. It’s also the most rewarding, as it plays a significant role in your placement on search engine results pages.

Let’s take a look a 5 effective link building tactics that you can use this year to boost your ranking and website traffic.

Ask Experts to Contribute

One of the most cost-effective ways to build links is to ask experts or influencers who are knowledgeable on complementary niches to contribute to one of your pieces of content. Before choosing an influencer, make sure that they link to their contributions on their own platforms.

You can even ask multiple experts to each write a paragraph with their own take on a subject. You can then combine all their contributions into one article. This means you have 4 or 5 links to content that is valuable and informative.

Unless one of the influencers charges you for their time, this tactic won’t cost you a cent. The difficult part of implementing this tactic is getting an influencer on board. When you contact them, make sure that your message is short and to the point.

Publish Infographics

Creating infographics is a fun and exciting way to build links. The products and services that you sell fall into a certain niche. When you create an infographic that provides additional information or that contains value that is relative to this niche, you have content that is useful and has a fighting chance of being popular and shareable. With infographics, you are able to deliver a message in a quick and creative way that is difficult to imitate with conventional written content.

After creating informative infographics, you can publish them on authority websites that specializes in publishing infographics. You can also send them to authors of blogs with high PageRank and influencers that may want to feature the infographics on their platforms. This tactic allows you to build multiple links with one article.

Guest Blogging

This tactic is a bit more intensive in terms of input, but it’s also a cost-effective one that you should consider if your business has a prominent content marketing strategy. You can also consider using guest posting services for this tactic. The first step is to create an extensive article with tons of internal and external links, visual elements, and text. Try to make it as long as possible without it becoming long-winded or boring. Post this article on your blog.

Next, make a list of blogs that create content that is relevant to your products or services. These blogs should be authoritative and have large followings. Contact the authors of these blogs and ask them if you can write a guest blog. If they give you the go-ahead, create a guest blog that is filled to the brim with value. Include a hyperlink to your blog with keyword-rich anchor text. When your blog is linked to a high-ranking site, Google will increase the rank of your content and you will start seeing organic traffic from searches.

Broken Links

This is a link building tactic that you can use with your existing content. It is also one that a lot of people find easier to implement. Get websites that contain similar content to yours. Again – it is important that these are prominent sites with a lot of followers.

Scroll through their content and click on all their links. If you find links that are broken, contact the author of the site and ask them if they will replace the broken links with links to your content. You can also use free online tools to find these broken links, which will save you some time.

Product Reviews

Some professional online reviewers have high-ranking platforms and many followers. If you sell products, it may be worth your while to ask them to review your product. You will have to send them a product for free or at a discount, but if they decide to review your product and include your link on their platform, it can benefit you in terms of SEO as well as organic traffic from the reviewer’s site – that is to say if it was a good review!

Abhishek Jain

Abhishek is a Blogger and Digital Marketing Consultant with over 5+ years of experience in Digital Space. He is one of the director at the Best SEO Company in Noida, India.

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  • July 4, 2018 at 1:33 pm

    A round up or expert interview is a great strategy as well. You ask insights from experts, compile them and make an article, link to the experts you interview, and they will share your article or link back to you resulting to more traffic and quality backlinks. Guest blogging is said to be dead by i don’t believe so. I think guest blogging will continue to thrive as long as there are good bloggers out there that are willing to give some link love through dofollow links and keep the internet alive.
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