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After the rolling out of major Google Penguin update and panda update, the story of SEO has been totally altered. 3 years back when I was a newbie in SEO, I use to create backlinks for my blog recklessly. I didn’t care from where they were. And the magic was I ranked in the search engine giant. After the major Google update “Penguin update” the world has experienced significant changes in Search Engine Results. The websites with low quality backlinks were thrown out of   search engine result pages and many businesses dropped and many stepped up the ladder.

The major issue now we are facing is how to get quality backlinks? Here is a simple proven method create quality backlinks. PDF sharing in various high PR PDF submission sites is one such high quality method to create quality backlinks in easy way.

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PDF Submission is no new method but I have seen that maximum of us do not use this simple method as a part of SEO. Following may be the reasons why Search Engine Optimizers do not include it in a major Off SEO Activities:

    1. PDF Submission does not give us direct link back to our website.
    1. It is time consuming.
  1. Some (like me earlier) does not know how to create a PDF

I have acknowledged all these points and yes these are pretty true, at least in my case. I did not know how to create a PDF from word document. Then one of my friend helped me to convert a word document into PDF.

That was the day when I added one more workable Off Page SEO activity into my list. This activity really boosted up the keyword ranking. I would say PDF Submission is better than any other fast SEO activities.

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Here is the step by step guide to create SEO Optimized PDF and to submit into various PDF accepting websites.

1.Create a beautiful word document: I am assuming that you know how to create a word document. This is the time to create a beautiful, authenticate and high quality word document. Add an Image to make the PDF beautiful. Now the SEO tip, hyperlink 2 or 3 keywords present in the document. Select the Keyword -> Right Click on it -> Click on Hyperlink -> Add Hyperlink

You must learn about Long Tail Keyword Research before Hyperlinking them so that you would get maximum benefit.

Now save it and your document is ready for conversion to PDF.

2. Convert word document into PDF: Many of us stuck here. Creating a PDF is not a big thing. This word document  can be converted into PDF easily by using Word to PDF converters. You can convert word into PDF in few seconds. Here are some websites that will help you to create PDF from your word document for free.

How to Convert word document into PDF?

  1. Fast PDF
  2. Word to PDF
  3. Free PDF Convert
  4. Small PDF Converter
  5. Convert Online Free

Upload the word document and get your PDF ready in few seconds. Some websites may require registration and they mail the converted PDF to your mailbox. Isn’t it easy to convert word into PDF?

Now it is the time to get link juice from the PDF we have created.

3. Submit the PDF into PDF submission sites: It is the time to to get the backlinks from the PDF you have created. Here is 20 High PR PDF Submission sites list 2019. No need to search. I have done this for you.

PDF Submission Sites

  1. Yudu
  2. Fliiby
  3. PDFSR
  4. 4Shared
  5. Slideserve
  6. Giga Size
  7. Slide Share
  8. Media Fire
  9. Edocr
  10. i Drive
  11. Share Send
  12. Uploading
  13. 2Shared
  14. Transfer Big Files
  15. Send Space
  16. Author Stream
  17. Mirror Creator
  18. File Factory
  19. Think Free
  20. Docdroid
  21. PDF Archive

Note: Use unique descriptions and titles while submitting your PDF into different PDF submission sites list 2019.

Thanks for reading this post and I can bet that this lost technique will really help you to boost your Search Engine SEO Ranking. Please share your experiences with me after applying this technique. If you have some other high PR PDF Submission Sites, You can share with us by commenting below.

PDF Submission Redefined with PDF Submission Sites List
Article Name
PDF Submission Redefined with PDF Submission Sites List
It is very important in SEO to diversify your content in different fields and formats. Here I am sharing PDF Submission Sites List by which you can diversify your content and create High Quality Backlinks.

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