How to Ping your Website with these 21 Blog Pinging Sites

When it comes to Index your website faster into different search engines, blogs and directories Blog Pinging Sites play a very important role. By using these Blog Ping Websites you can quickly index your website to large number of directories instantaneously. The exclusive part of blog pinging is that you need no prior expertise to do this.

Now, How to Ping a website through various ping websites?

There is no hard and fast rule to use these Ping websites. You simply need to fill out the simple form which will include Your Website name, URL of your website, your RSS feed URL and your Email. Then Click on Submit tab and your blog will be pinged to different search engines and their blog partners. See the illustration below in the image. You will find a list of various blog pinging sites below but you need to know Why do we ping a website or blog.

How to Ping your Website with these 21Blog Pinging Sites

How these blog pinging sites will benefit you in indexing?

  1. These websites will send notification to different search engines about the content updates of your blog.
  2. Blog Pinging sites will notify the other  blog networks about your blog and helps them to submit your blog into their blog directory.
  3. The indexing of your new blog post becomes faster.
  4. There will be enhanced visibility of your blog into different search engines.


Which kind of links you can Ping?

Usually Google notices the top links of its own but it become difficult to re-index the pages which has lately been updated. These pages can be the posts that you have posted long ago.  You readers may be engaging on these by blog commenting. These posts are updating but search engine is unaware of this. So you need to submit these updated links to the blog pinging websites listed below.


How Blog Pinging sites can help you to get huge traffic?

We have read the benefits in brief above and now let me explain you how these Ping websites will help you to get huge traffic.

This fact is not hidden that you write a blog post to get more and more users. You devote a lot of time in writing a beautiful SEO Optimized content rich post. What if it is not noticed by much of the people? Disappointed? You do not really need to as here in this post you will get a list of various blog pinging websites which will help you to diversify the reach your blog.

Now it has been proved by the great internet marketers that 78% people who search a particular query do not open the second page of search engine(Google). They usually get the required information from the very first page of the search engine. There is no question of coming on the second page of Google. You must see these Search Engine SEO Techniques that will help you to rank on first page of Google.

The ping websites help you to index your blog links faster. Google has its own  indexing mechanism. You cannot wait for Google Bot to visit your website or blog and get indexed by him. It can take up to few days to a week or may be more to index your updated links. You need to notify the search engines of your own. Ping websites help you to do this process of indexing faster.  When your blog is indexed at faster rate, it will likely to become searchable on search engines. While submitting your website into blog ping sites, you need to take care of putting your business keyword along with Blog Name in the Blog Name section. This will help search engines to identify the purpose of your blog. It will be easy for a search engine to categorize them resulting in better search engine results and this generating more traffic. You must look this Long Tail Keyword Research Method to find great keywords for your blog.

Note: Also do not forget to put RSS Feed URL there, though it is optional. Some search engines and blog networks save your RSS Feed link for auto pinging.


Tighten your seat belt as I am Going to share one of the hidden feature of WordPress which most of the bloggers do not know.

WordPress has an inbuilt Ping system which need to be updated by you to diversify your pinging network. This service is almost hidden and most of the bloggers do not use this service. This WordPress pinging service is very easy to use. You need to login to your dashboard . Go to Settings and then Writing. Now here below you will find Update Services. Here in this box you can put the links of various Ping services sites given in the Update services of the codex. After putting up different links there you will be able to ping your website to a wider blog and search engine network. You will be able to get volume of benefit from this very easy to use service.

How to Ping your Website in WordPress Settings

You can manually advance with the pinging process. Here is a list of 21 Blog Pinging Sites where you can submit your blog to notify various search networks. The whole process will take maximum of 5 minutes but the benefit of pinging your website or blog in extremely huge.

Here is the List of 21 Blog Ping Directories which will help you to Ping your website or blog to numerous search engines networks:

Sr. No. Blog Pinging Website Page Rank
1 6
2 6
3 6
4 5
5 5
6 5
7 4
8 4
9 4
10 4
11 4
12 3
13 3
14 3
15 3
16 3
17 3
18 3
19 2
20 2
21 2


I am sure you are going to rock with this list of these amazing Blog Pinging Sites. You must read How to Index your New Website on Google Quickly. This will help you for indexing your blog on Google faster. If you are looking for Quality Link Building, Watch below the other Lists to get high quality backlinks.


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How to Ping a Website with 21 Blog Pinging Sites?
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How to Ping a Website with 21 Blog Pinging Sites?
Blog Pinging is one of the simple Off Page SEO Technique that many bloggers do not use. See here How to Ping a Website with these 21 Blog Pinging Sites. Enjoy Blogging!
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