Crack SEO Interview with these 15 Questions & Answers {Intermediate Level}

Are you going to appear in an SEO Interview? Yes?

You have landed at right place. If you are a fresher then you must check these SEO Interview Questions for Fresher. Below is a list of 15 SEO Interview Questions and Answers for intermediate. There is a possibility that you will be asked questions 90% as exactly as they are. Let me know your SEO Interview Experience in the comment box.


Question 1: What type of SEO you most like and expert in?  

Answer: I like Grey Hat SEO techniques and these work best for me.

It is a mixture of White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO. With White Hat only you need to wait for years to rank a website. On the other hand, black hat SEO can put your website to spam. So I use both the mixture of White and Black Hat SEO by keeping a balance and eventually rank the keywords.


Question 2: List down three things that are outdated in SEO?  

Answer: People sometimes back started saying that SEO is Dead but what happens we all know. Its still the major business mover in online world.

People says Directories, Social Bookmarks, Image Sharing doesn’t work and are outdated. But in my opinion nothing is outdated but the way of doing that is changed. I still believe in these activities and able to rank keywords based on these methods.

The only outdated thing I can say is duplicated content whether it is in terms of text, audio, video or images.


Question 3: List down three things which are working in SEO?  

Answer: There is an Evergreen Formula for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ,which hasn’t been changed and will never change. 

The formula is KBC:

  1. “K” stand for Keywords: Researching low competitive high searchable keyword solves your half of the problems while performing SEO. Learn How to find long tail keywords.
  2. B” stands for Backlinks: Backlinks help to build authority and ultimately improved search engine rankings. 
  3. C” stand for Content: As we all know that content is king and unique eye catching content which encourages people to read more and good user experience is noticed by search engines and is counted as one of the important ranking factors.


Question 4: What is the most useful methods to increased conversion?  

Answer: Useful methods to increase conversion is:

  1. Readable useful content.
  2. Adding up call to actions in the content by proper and relevant inbound links in your page content. If you are providing info about an product then provide complete information and allow user to click on the buy link or further call to action for increased conversion.
  3. Testimonials from previous buyers or users  can help you to convert more. This build trust among the new customers. Sincere reviews can get you serious buyers.


Question 5: What is the major things you will check in pre-analysis?  

Answer: As a buddy SEO I would check various  things in pre-analysis such as:

  1. Target Audience
  2. Content Plagiarism
  3. Content Structure
  4. Keyword Density (Otherwise keyword research if keywords not provided)
  5. URL Structure
  6. Meta Tags (Title, Keywords, Description)
  7. Alt Tags for Images
  8. Backlink Profile
  9. Broken Links
  10. Social Profiles

There are so many other things that can be listed in the role of SEO pre analysis.


Question 6: How you will decide a content is optimized?  

Ans: Optimized Content doesn’t means optimizing a text.

Content optimization is sub categorized into different forms:

  1. Incorporate external links and sources would help rise your website on first page.
  2. Optimization of URLs and Blogpost Headlines.
  3. Image Optimization.
  4. Allowing readers to subscribe on your blog.
  5. Optimization for Social media.
  6. Selection of tags Wisely.
  7. Write Engaging Meta Description.
  8. Check whether its compelling the user to take some kind of action like Buying or something else.


Question 7: Your site is flagged as having malware, how will you find out?

Answer: Well now a days hosting companies have their own firewalls to check the malware. Even if its undetected and the site doesn’t function properly, then we need to check and validate the code through any code validator say W3 Validator.


Question 8: What is 90/10 rule in link building?

Answer:  Accordin to me, here what I  mean by 90/10 rule in link building is devoting up 90% of your time in content writing and producting quality content and further 10% effort in Quality Link building.

SEO = 90% of Content /10% of Link Building


Question 9: I want to cache my page every hour what should I do?

Answer:  Add query in sitemap to crawl  your website on hourly basis. This will be an indication for crawlers and spiders to visit the website after an hour. Get these blog pinging sites to ping your website or blog every hour.


Question 10: What is White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO?  Is there any other kind apart from this?


White Hat SEO: White Hat SEO technique completely follow the rules of  search engine while optimizing your websites. Below are the various While Hat SEO Practices:

  1. Good quality of Content.
  2. Keyword Research and effective use of that keyword.
  3. Systematic Fitting of Selected keywords in the Content.
  4. Use of Titles and Meta tags.
  5. Good Inbound Links

 Black Hat SEO: Black Hat SEO is an aggressive optimization technique that only focus on Search Engine and not on Human audience, and does not obey search engine guidelines. Some of the black hat practices include:

  1. Keyword Stuffing
  2. Invisible Text on the pages
  3. Doorway Pages
  4. Adding unrelated keywords to the page content or page swapping
  5. Excessive backlink creation and many more…

There is another kind of SEO which we call Grey Hat SEO and it is ill-defined but most advised optimization technique which focuses on both the tactics of white hat as well as black hat so as to get better ranking in less amount of time.


Question 11: Does directory submission help?  

Answer:  There is no much benefit of directory submissions but yes these are useful in creating diverse backlink profiles.

 Directory Submission is submitting up of your website URL on various web directories or business directories to create backlinks. Therefore,Yes, Directory submission  helps because as backlinks are used by search engine  to improve the ranking. So,more the backlinks to your website will improve ranking as well as authority.  Make quick high authority backlinks from these instant approval directory submission sites.


Question 12: What is the latest update you read about Google?

Answer : Google update its algorithm twice or thrice in a day so there is always an update. The latest major update by Google happened on 9th March 2017 where a serious drop in traffic was noticed and was names as Fred Update. This is believed that the Fred Update hit sites with improper content or the content that is not managed properly in the website. Websites have experienced huge drop in traffic up to 90% after this Fred Update.


Question 13: What is Google panda? What strategy you will use for quality content?  

Ans: Google Panda : Google Panda is an algorithm that is applied to the sites to measure the quality and content of any site. The main aim of google panda is “lesser the rank of low quality content site” and returns “higher the rank of High quality content site”.

Strategies which you can use for quality content:

  • Make your content committing,encouraging as well as satisfying.
  • Track your mistake .
  • Invest more time in training instead of steadily writing .
  • Analyse the surrounding and people thinking on the topic.


Question 14: What is Google penguin?  

Answer: Google Penguin is an another Google algorithm update.This update was first announced  on April 24, 2012 which was based on decreasing search engine ranking of websites that violates the google webmaster policies of Link Building.


Question 15: What is DMCA?  

Answer: DMCA is expanded as Digital Millennium Copyright Act: It is a United State  Copyright Law. It was created in 1998.The two important parts of DMCA are:

  • Anti-Circumvention : If a copyright holder places some type of digital right management software/hardware,unpolitical piece of content,it’s illegal to try to configure how it works or to feed it.Just an attempt is also illegal.
  • Safe Harbor Provisions: A very good example of this term is  YouTube. Some time some people do not have right to add up some type of videos on YouTube. so, Safe harbor provisions gives a right to copy right owner  to sue that person for engaging the discrimination of his/her content. Also check how to file DMCA complaint.

These were the frequently asked 15 Questions which are asked in an SEO Interview for hiring an intermediate.

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