How to write SEO Optimized Content that will RANK you in SERP’s


Most of us find it difficult to establish engagement with our readers. If you want to engage maximum readers on your blog, then you should be very creative with your content. There are few important things that every blogger and content writer must keep in mind. These small SEO content writing guide will help you to make sure that your users will stay on your post and will not leave before commenting on it.

Here in this post you will learn the following things to Optimize your content according to the Google’s guidelines or SEO optimized Content.

You will learn:

  1. How to find the right keywords for your article
  2. Writing a descriptive catchy Title
  3. How to start the course of the article?
  4. How to engage your readers?
  5. How to reach a Conclusion?
  6. Implementation of Call to Action.


Before that keep this quote in your mind.

SEO Content Writing Quote


Let us start the SEO Content Writing course with first topic.

  1. How to select the right keywords for your article

We are going to write SEO optimized content and in SEO or Search Engine Optimisation You must have known the importance of  keyword selection for your post. Without proper keyword selection you are making it next to impossible to rank your post in the search engines. How you can select keywords for your blog post?

The best way to select the right keyword for your blog post is to take a look over your competitors titles and compare the monthly searches and competition. Obviously we are looking for a keyword with maximum average monthly searches but these keywords usually have high competition. So you need to research a long tail keyword with considerable monthly searches and medium competition. You can get better idea of finding best keywords for your blog post from this Long Tail Keyword Research Guide.


  1. Writing a descriptive catchy Title

It is correctly said that the first impression is the last impression. It is also evident in SEO content writing because title is the first impression of an article. It should be eye catching and should clearly define the goal & course of the article. You should keep the following things in mind that it should contain the selected keyword and the title must be meaningful.


  1. How to start the course of the article?

SEO Content Writing is one of the most creative tasks in Internet Marketing. While starting any content you must keep these three things in your mind.

Q1. Who your readers are?

You need to know who your readers are. Understand your audience and think of them what they need. If your article is for working women then you need to think about them and need to take care of their likings and dislikings.

Q2. What is their problem?

Now once you know who your audience is, identify the issue they are dealing with and highlight that. Provide relevant, researched, correct information regarding the problem. Provide facts & figures related to the topic.

Q3. Are you adding value to the solution?

Now think, are you really adding value to the solution of the problem? If yes then the reader is gonna come again & again on your blog.

Don’t just write for search engines as they do not read your content. They just crawl and index with no emotions. The real wealth of your blog is your readers, the real time humans who have emotions and power to perceive right or wrong.  

So these are the three questions you need to ask yourself while writing the content.


  1. How to engage your readers?

As we have discussed in the above that we are writing for the humans not for the bots. So it is important that you should communicate with your readers. Blog is your voice so make it sound beautiful and easy to understand by the users. It is very easy to create difficult things but needs a lot of effort and research to make the things simple. So try to make things more simple. This thing will bring back your readers again and again. Now build a strong relationship with your readers by replying timey to their comments and questions. Encourage them to do some activity on your blog or implement a call to action which you will read in the next point.


  1. Implementation of Call to Action

It is human nature that we do not take actions of our own. We need someone to told us to do things and go for it. In Blogging it is very important for a blogger to encourage his/her readers to take a particular action. That action can be to go and  read another related post, to click a particular advertisement or to  signup for an affiliate product. One another simple example of a call to action is to encourage your readers to comment below your blog post. This has to be implemented with utter care and politeness. You cannot force anyone to take action but with love, care and politeness you can win over the world. Solve their problem and genuinely suggest them to checkout the offer. Here is an example of simple call to action.

Call to Action- Rusty Blogger


  1. How to reach a Conclusion?

Like the starting of the blog post ending is equally important. Your ending should be dramatic. It should not be the ending but the starting of another blog post or a valid call to action. Fill the user with excitement of your upcoming post(if you know what you are going to write after this). One of the most important point in concluding the post is to pay your heartiest gratitude towards your readers. Thank them and request them to visit again. This very thing creates a lot of positive effect on the reader and he/she will wish to come again on your blog.


Now it was all about how to find the keywords for your SEO content writing, writing a catchy title, starting and ending the course of article.

Now is the time to implement a little SEO in it. To make your blog post SEO optimized, you need to take care of these points.

How to write SEO Optimized Content that will RANK you in SERP's


  • Inserting keyword in title

To make your blog post searchable for a particular keyword, it is very important to insert the main keyword in the title cleverly. You need not to stuff the exact match keyword in it but can use it by breaking it using it to and fro. eg suppose your keyword is “SEO Optimization writing” but it is not giving any real meaning and looking odd. You can break and make the title as “Writing a SEO optimized article for better Search Engine Optimization”. It does not matter whether the words of the keyword phrase falls back or forth.


  • Maintain the Keyword Density of blog post

Keyword Density is defined as the frequency of usage of keyword in the content. It should be 1-2% means per 100 words you can use the same keywords for 1 to 2 times. If you try to stuff more keywords you can be penalized. You can use LSI keywords for repetitive purposes. It is difficult to insert the keywords later on after completion of article. So add the keywords where you can and then after that you can replace it with LSI terms to level the keyword density to 1 to 2 %. Learn more about LSI keywords.


  • Optimizing the post URL

Post URL is one of the determining factor in SEO. It should  be optimized too. Your URL must not contain the stop words which can create hindrance to the SEO score of your website. You can learn more about Stop words here


  • Meta Description

Meta description is the soul of On Page SEO. It is the biggest determining On Page  ranking factor. You should write a crisp meta description that should include your keyword(s). Google displays search results on the basis of the keywords present in title, content body and meta description.


  • Image Optimization

It is very important to Optimize the images inserted in any of your blog post of a web page. You need to give a proper caption, related keyword rich Alt Tag, description of the image and other details of the image. In wordpress you can optimize the image as shown in the picture below.

Image Optimization - Rusty Blogger


  • Interlinking

Interlinking is very important and the major ranking factor. You should interlink the related posts with your current posts. It will decrease your bounce rate as well as will will boost your ranking.


Note: There are few other warnings you need to take care while writing SEO Optimized content like taking care of grammar, writing short sentences. Minimizing the use of stop words.  

Hope you have enjoyed this article. If you still find it difficult to write SEO optimized content. Then comment below in comment box. I will be back to you in a very short span of time. Don’t forget to share. Have you gone through my Pinterest Marketing Strategy by which I have received 1300+ hits from a single pin.


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How to write SEO Optimized Content that will RANK you in SERP's
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How to write SEO Optimized Content that will RANK you in SERP's
Writing engaging content for user is one of the trickiest task in SEO industry. This guide will help you to improve your writing skills and you will be able to make your content SEO Optimized .
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    Hello Abhishek,
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