8 Million Dollar Tips Amateurs must Keep in Mind while Starting a Blog

To excel in any of the field, you need to be determined about your goals. You need to stay focused about your aims and then work for it. You may be intervened by many hurdles, but one who keeps trying always emerges as the winner.  There are plenty of people around you who started with an idea in their mind but were so sure about it that they ended up making a brand value from it.

Here are the 7 Steps an Amateur Blogger Must Climb to Reach on Top

As we discuss about blogging, we need to be sure where we aim to reach in our future. So here we mention few inspirational tips for amateur bloggers to excel in the field we actually are:

  • Start with self-satisfaction: Begin your career with you. Write for yourself first ignoring the fact that anyone will appreciate or condemn it. You are your best friend and know about yourself more than anyone else does. You will understand the importance of this as you can be your best critic. Focus on what you think, figure out all the related possibilities and then put those into writing. Once you are satisfied with what you write, you are ready to prosper in this field. You can experience the sense of positivity you get when you are satisfied by your work. You will write more often and that is what my friend, first step of the ladder to success is. See How a Blog can grow your Business by 300%?


8 Million Dollar Tips Amateurs must Keep in Mind while Starting a Blog


  • Build a bond with your readers: When you have accomplished the art of making your readers happy, you have covered the half way. It is very important to build a connection with them. More important is to keep holding to those chords. Existing readers are never meant to be-looked for. Develop a feeling of love for them. Do find a way to always bring more and more readers for your posts but never give your existing readers even the slightest of chance to be detached from you. They are the ones who help you grow your blog. You should be able to come up to the expectations of your readers and deliver them what they have hoped for. This strengthens your ties with your readers.  Get these Best Tips for Writing Great Blog Posts


  • Understand what your audience demands:  By concentrating on the comments section, you can always get an idea of what your audience expects from you. This not only gives you ideas about what people want to hear from you, but it also brain storms you with different ideas on how to strengthen your blog further. It only helps you to grow further and further. Thus you can gather ideas of what people are interested to read about. Here are 20 Types of Content to Outreach Huge Audience


  • Consistency is must:  In the industry of blogging, it is as important to be consistent as it is to fetch more and more readers for your blogs. Many people fail at doing so and it is when you see a downfall in your subscribers. People love when they are loved. Hence, it is always necessary to be consistent in terms of your deliverables. Keep writing at your own pace but never forget to slow down.


8 Million Dollar Tips Amateurs must Keep in Mind while Starting a Blog


  • Make it worth sharing: It is necessary to be creative about your writing but more than this, it is important to be interesting. Only if you are able to grasp hold of your reader’s minds, you are more than tension free in terms of number of email subscriptions. Before writing about anything, I feel it is necessary to get into the mindsets of the people and realize whether my article is worth referencing for. Will my article be something which my readers can ask their friends to refer to? Will they feel it worthy enough to forward it to their colleagues or share it with their friends? Once I am pretty sure about it, I am way more relaxed about my posts and audience for it. Must see these 17 Ways to Make Extra Money from Blogging
  • Keep it short and concise: Your readers are never free enough to go through the whole article. So try to be short and sharp in what you choose to write. Be clear about your content and stop worrying about its length. No one will read it till the last and 60% of your audience is always interested in knowing the crux of your article. Most of them would never bother to scroll it till the bottom or worry about the idea you wanted to convey them. If it’s petite and up to the mark, your half of the work is done. Shorter posts are better received by the readers and tend to be shared the most than the ones with huge word length. Revealed Top 5 Truths About Blogging The Pro Bloggers Don’t Want You To Know


8 Million Dollar Tips Amateurs must Keep in Mind while Starting a Blog


  • Come up with killer titles: People may surely be interested in what you have written but hey chew on this; they will never make up to your post if you do not interest them with an exquisite heading. Title is something which necessarily has to be eye-catching. People have a second to decide whether to open your article or not. That click depends upon how bold and desirable your headline is.


  • Be yourself: It is very essential to be able to speak what you actually think. To be able to write from within is a blessing and to continue with your true self is what this industry always demands. You may give voice to others’ thoughts for sometime but in the end, you can only succeed if you are true to yourself. You can follow your seniors in your field but there is no specific set of guidelines to be followed when it comes to writing. All you can do to write more efficiently is to be your own self. Then you will not only be motivated to come with more and more words, but you will enjoy being on your own. That’s how your aura can work wonders for you.

Above mentioned are some of the keep-in-mind tips for all the people in this industry, be it an experienced one or just a newbie. I hope it can be of some help to all of you.  

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8 Million Dollar Tips Amateurs must Keep in Mind while Starting a Blog
Amateur Bloggers need to keep these 8 tips in mind while starting a blog. These will help you keep on right track.
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4 thoughts on “8 Million Dollar Tips Amateurs must Keep in Mind while Starting a Blog

  • November 21, 2016 at 3:48 pm

    Hi Abhishek,

    First of all, fantastic post 🙂

    I totally agreed with your all points, yes while starting a blog; we don’t follow our thougts which make our post just copy paste means we hesitate to share our personal opinions just because what other will think.

    But that’s not the right thing; we should always add our opinion while writing our post. Sometimes, we write about making money, not for readers, but that’s not the right idea. We should always write for our readers. Otherwise, we will lose our readership.

  • November 22, 2016 at 12:07 pm

    Hi Abhishek,
    all your tips are really read worthy but I do believe that the consistency is the key to success.

  • January 13, 2017 at 7:45 pm

    Hi Abhishek,
    all your tips are really read worthy but I do believe that the consistency is the key to success.


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