Deciding Factors to Choose Top Web Hosting Company in India

Choosing one of the best web hosting companies in India is a tedious task and there are so many factors involved while deciding which hosting service is best for you. Web Hosting is one of the factor of driving online business to you and you must not forget to choose a reliable web hosting company.

Web hosting is a service that makes a website consistently online on the Internet globally so that it can be viewed by others. In technical words, it stores the website files on a high-powered computer that is connected to a fast internet called web server.

Undoubtedly, web hosting plays a vital role in your website. A decent web hosting is essential for a proper functioning of your website. An insufficient and faulty web hosting will let you lose your customers. There are different web hosting plans available in the market. It is a combination of different features such as Storage Space, Bandwidth, E-mail Accounts, Shared Web Hosting, Dedicated Hosting and Support. In this article, I will share with you the key factors to keep in mind while choosing the best web hosting company in India. Below these Factors I have mentioned the top web hosting companies in India and overall from which you can choose the best website host for your business according to your requirements.

Factors you must keep in mind while deciding web hosting company in India:


Perhaps, the first thing that you might look for in a web hosting plan is the price. Though, it shouldn’t be the conclusive reason. The web hosting plan should charge a reasonable price with regard to the features.

Storage Space

Storage space or disk space is the first thing that should care for, in a web hosting plan. It is the amount of space provide by the web host to store the website files. A simple introductory website needs less space and a start-up plan of web hosting is sufficient for them. While it should be also considered that if the business grows so do the website. If your website is loaded with lots of images, videos etc. or if it’s a social media website then, it required high storage space which is enough for storing the large video files and member’s data.


Bandwidth in a web hosting is the amount of data that the web server will transfer to the viewer’s computer per month. However, it is hard to calculate the bandwidth but you can get a rough figure by multiplying the number of page visits with the actual size of the website. An insufficient Bandwidth can lead to temporary suspension of your website for a period until you pay for the extra bandwidth. A web host will generally notify, on the reaching of bandwidth’s end. It is always wise to have an unlimited bandwidth hosting plan and nowadays most of the paid hosting plans come with an unlimited bandwidth. Keep an eye on bandwidth factor while choosing best hosting company in India.

E-mail Accounts

Along with the domain name a hosting plan also provides customizable email addresses, which can be used for the specific business communication. It gives a professional impression to the customers or viewers if they are communicated with the website’s email rather than some regular emails which end with Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo etc.

Shared Web Hosting

It refers to providing a web server which is shared by many other websites. Hence, your hosting will be pooled by many other websites. This is the most economical way of hosting as the overall cost of server maintenance is remunerated over many customers. It is a good solution for hosting a home or small business website but may be too limiting for larger businesses that use large amounts of storage, bandwidth and customized software. The bandwidth will also be shared by lots of other websites which led your website to be slow. For small business you can look for hosting companies in India that have cheap shared hosting packages.

Dedicated Hosting

This option is best suited for large businesses as it gives more flexibility to grow the websites. A dedicated server provides a separate web server for you and can host as many sites as you choose. It gives you an advantage that your bandwidth will not be compromised by web users accessing other websites as it hosts only your websites on the server. It also provides an added security as only you have administrative access to the server, and you can add your own virus protection software and operating systems.


It is one of the important features a web host provides that is capable of taking you out from the hosting troubles. The supports are generally in form of telephonic helplines, chats, emails or other online packages. It should be checked that it is available 24/7 not just during working hours. A quality web host will provide 24/7 support while some of cheaper hosting solutions by providing a limited support use it to cut costs.  It can save you from hemorrhaging money or sales over a busy weekend. For example, if your site crashes on a Friday evening then on Monday it will be fixed if the support is for working hours only while a 24/7 support will help you to fix it on anytime you contact them. Choose a hosting company which is there for you even on weekends.

List of Top Web Hosting Companies

Here is the List of Best Website Hosting Firms on which you can rely without giving  a second thought to it.


MicroHost Logo

MicroHost is any Indian Hosting Company which has their own data center located in Noida. If you have to run a website locally in India then no one can beat MicroHost. MicroHost’s 24X7 customer support and most affordable make it the best hosting company in India. Check the Plans and Pricing of MicroHost here.



BlueHost Logo

Bluehost is popular for WordPress hosting. Bluehost comes with Lucrative plans and pricing. They provide good support too, This is popular because of its smooth WordPress blog handling. See the pricing and Plans of Bluehost here.



Hostgator Logo

Hostgator is one of the best hosting company in India which has good business clients and is growing very fast. There are some anomalies in their support system but overall the hostgator hosting service is reliable. Checkout Hostgator.



DreamHost Logo

DreamHost is another popular hosting in India which mainly target WordPress users. It is good for normal websites as well. Look at more features, plans and pricing of DreamHost.


InMotion Hosting

Inmotion Hosting Logo

This is another popular hosting company in India but a bit costly as compared to other. But it seems reliable with good customer support. Integration is easy and quick. More about InMotion Hosting here.



However, you can go with a cheap web hosting but if your business depends very much on online sales then it’s better to pay a little for reliability. Also, these days a lot of hosts provide free hosting as a part of their promotion or building a rapport with the customers but they are not for professional usage as many will suspend your website without any proper reason or they will add advertisements that make your website slow and unfriendly. So, they can be used for learning purposes but shouldn’t be considered for professional usage.

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    Nice tips. I think these tips can be applied by anybody when choosing web hosting company irrespective of where you are.
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