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[Updated] Top List of Search Engine Submission Sites in 2021.

Well, there were times when it was mandatory to submit your site to search engine submission sites. Without that, it takes weeks or months to index your web page by search engines. Webmasters used to submit their websites to various free Search Engine Submission Sites. They also build backlinks from various websites.

Search Engine submission is not harmful but it is not necessary as well. You can still use these search engine sites for submission. These submissions led them to their easy indexing a year before. 

Let me share the list of the top free search engine submission sites:  

Google Search Engine Submission:

As we know that Google is the king of search engines nowadays and will be. You can submit your website to Google in simple steps. You have to just click on this link, log in with your account, put the website in the Submit Url section and press submit button.

Bing Search Engine Submission :

 Bing is also one of the renowned search engines and you can submit your web page into Bing as well. Bing webmasters submission is like Google submission.

Yandex Webmasters Submission : 

Yandex is very much popular search engine in Europe and Russians widely used Yandex. If you have a website that has a global content then you must submit your website to Yandex.


 Exactseek is an old search engine but does not have much significance these days. It is not a bad idea if you are planning to submit your site to different search engines.

Entire web:

 Entire web is a tool for search engine submission which submits your site to various others search engine submission sites for free. Entireweb has premium plans as well which automatically submit your site on different websites and directories on a regular basis.


Anoox is another search engine which works major in the local search. Though these are not used much more now. It actually helps to submit your local data into its search engine to help you to be searched locally.


It is a 15 years old search engine which has a very small benefit these days but still people used to submit their sites in Gigablast. Google is dominating the whole search engines thus a very little or no benefit of submitting your sites in these search engines.

Viesearch :

Viesearch still plays some role in ranking. It has free and premium plans.  It also gives you quality backlink if you place your website in the right category.


SoMuch is another search engine directory which also has free and premium plans. You can still submit your site here with no extra price.

Why Search Engine Submission Sites is not necessary?

 This is a big question when it comes to Search Engine Submission. Most of us get confused about whether to submit your site to various search engines or not. What else we can do to index your website quickly. You must look at this post which states

But the question is it worth to devote your time to submit your website to different free search engine submission sites

The answer is a  big  NO!

I was shocked to know about the fact and so you may be that Search Engines do not generally require dedicated search engine submission to index your newly uploaded website or webpage or blog post.

Why Search Engine(Google or other) Submission is not important?

The days are gone when you submit your site link separately into different search engines. Now you need not to do this kind of stuff. Though this practice is not harmful but you can sustain without this.

Now search engines indexes new links from the already indexed pages. They used to index new pages by following or crawling the links from other pages. These links on other pages are known as inbound links.

Let me explains to you how search engine gets to know about the new pages:

Suppose you have a blog and you are updating it regularly but sometimes you may have noticed that your web page is not indexed even after a week of posting it. This is because Google does not know that you have added a new page.

To make search engines notice your web page, you must place the link of your newly build blog post on the posts that are already indexed. This will make your newly build web page easily indexed in search engine. Inbound links or interlinking plays a very important role in the indexing your website. It is one of the biggest SEO factor as well.

Interlinking to the top pages of your website make your new web pages easily appears in search engine. If this thing is happening then your web page is going to rank fast in Search Engine Result Pages or SERPs .

One of the other reason why search engine submission to various search engine submission sites is not necessary is that almost all the search engines consider the links shared in various social media platforms like Linkedin, Twitter, Stumble upon, Google Plus and Facebook.

So whenever you post a new blog post or create a new web page you must share your web page or blog post to different social media channels to get an immediate effect in indexing the links.

You can also submit the links into various social bookmarking sites and high pr image sharing sites to get easy attention of search engines.

I hope it is now clear to you why it is not much worthy to submit sites into free search engine submission sites. Still, there is no restriction in search engine submission. You can do if you have sufficient time. Enjoy!

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