Lander vs GetResponse Landing Page Builder Review: Which should you choose for your business marketing?

A new level has been reached in the world of marketing as well as brand promotion. So as to reach a wider audience, there has been a successful use of the internet. The companies now have the space to outsource their products and services and internet has made this possible. But now they cannot just settle down as a great need has arisen to frame the precise marketing plans. This has to be done to improve and expand business. The branding tactics which are currently used includes email marketing, which is a very effective source to say the least.

A number of business firms use the GetResponse and Lander landing page creator software for improving their market reach, as these two are the top rated software tools available in the market. These software tools help in the creation of attractive landing pages which provide important information to the internet viewers about the services and products of the brand. Now let us check out GetResponse and Lander and see which one of these functions in a better way.

GetResponse Landing Page Builder

GetResponse has come out as one of the greatest and powerful tools which are used to create landing pages. There are many leading companies in the world today which depend mainly upon online marketing. They use that basically tomake their brand popular. This is where GetResponse is useful as it assists the clients in keeping track ofaudienceresponses. GetResponse also offers an excellent function, through which the clients can reach to a specific set of audience, which can directly affect the company’s growth. Many businesses trust this software and use itto complete the task of email promotions as well. Hence we can say that GetResponse provides the one stop answers to all the questions of business marketers.


GetResponse Landing Page Review


GetResponse Landing Page: Feature Review

The GetResponse landing page creator software offers its users more than 350 template designs. These designs are quite appealing and very attractive. Each of the templates is customizable according to the choice of the user, making it a versatile feature.

  • GetResponse comeswith a WYSIWYG editor, which allows the user to edit the template designs without requiring any technical knowledge or HTML coding. It also has a drag and drop feature which is quite beneficial for the clients who want toframe their own design.
  • There is an auto-responder system which makes the landing page creator quite impressiveas it greets the user with an email when they sign-up to this page.
  • The user can test the performance of every landing page made using GetResponse. He can also link his landing page with Google Analytics. This makes it easiertoacquire accurate audience response.
  • Social media links can also be offered on your email marketing page without hassle. Links of Facebook, Twitter plus other social media platforms can be attached on landing page.
  • GetResponse allows the user to test 5 variants of same email template and trace the performance of each variant.

Lander Landing Page Builder

Lander is a great landing page creator tool. It has some brilliant functions, which are useful in developing attractive visual information details, which are further used for email marketing as well as social media ads. The Lander editor on the other hand is equally good having some really nice features,which provides assistance to the client to gain an excellent marketing strategy in order to promote their business. This tool is very popular among small scale companies and also the start-up firms, who wish to increase their target audience. The editor tool is very easy to use and can be operated by anyone. Technical understanding is not required here as landing pages can be formed in four easy and quick steps.


Lander Landing Page Review


Lander Landing Page: Feature Review

  • Lander doesn’t possess vast template designs but it consists of precise designs.You can utilise these designs to achieve specific marketing goals. These templates are divided in five different categories. These categories are: Bio & Portfolio, Product & Services, Coming Soon, Ecommerce and Layouts.
  • Lander has a feature known as the WYSIWYG editor which helps tocreate personalised landing pages with the help of drag & drop functionality. The user can also edit the existing landing pages, asconvenient to him.
  • Lander supports the auto-responder feature. This feature greets the subscribers with a welcome message when they log in. Besides this, there are many other interesting options as well which are provided to customers whensubscription is availed by them.
  • It helps the client to keep track of the conversion rate. It also keeps a good check on the performance of the landing page. It does so by linking landing page to Google Analytics. This helpsinanalysing day-to-day trends.

It also allows you to publish your landing page on Facebook and create your Facebook link with your landing page easily.

Major Difference Points: (GetResponse VS Lander)


  • Pricing:GetResponse is available to be bought at 15$ per month, providing accessibility of up to 1000 subscribers. The clients can also extend this package if required. Lander, on the other hand, provides a basic package for a month at a cost of $37, allowing 3,000 subscribers.
  • Testing Feature:GetResponse comes with an A/B testing mechanism which helps tocompare 5 email versions at the same time. Whereas in Lander, the A/B testing is provided for only 3 email versions at onetime, which indicates how GetResponse has a commandover Lander?


Thecomparison above makes it quite apparent that GetResponse is much better landing page software amongstthese two. GetResponse consists of more template designs and also has a spam filter feature, both of which are either too less or totally unavailable on Lander. GetResponse comes at a very cheap price when compared with Lander and is hence much useful for small scale companies. GetResponse is an efficient email marketing tool which you can definitely trust to frame wonderful as well as appealing landing pages for your business prospects.

Lander concentrates solely on landing pages, whereas GetResponse on the other hand helps the business owners to carry out campaigns of email marketing. GetResponse also provides the users with free webinars and hencehelps them out tocarry an approach for successful business promotion, which helps them to fetch good sales.Lander does not possess this great feature.GetResponse makes sure that the users move towards the path of success and obtainall benefits of using this software. So we will recommend you to take a wise step and start using GetResponse today.

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